A Slow Simmered Stew of Groove.
— everybody

Dave Hates It is a slow simmered stew of groove.

Why Dave Hates It? Good question! Thanks for asking!
Coming up with a band name has never been so difficult! There were several ideas that came up. Dave hated all of them. So, the suggestion was made to call the band Dave Hates It. Guess what... DAVE DIDN'T HATE IT!

Dave Hates It is a faith-based band that fuses multiple styles together. It is a stew of various different groove inspiration. Made up of Stan Rivers on vocals and keys, David Laymon on bass, Caleb Stovall on drums, and Luke Stone on guitar and vocals, the band is building an ever growing catalog of popular covers and faith-based originals.

Dave Hates It is:

Stan Rivers: Lead Vocals/Keys
Luke Stone: Vocals/Lead Guitar
David Laymon: Bass
Caleb Stovall: Drums